Go from being a C# & .NET beginner, to getting your
first developer job

With easy to understand video tutorials and practical exercises, LearnVisualStudio.NET gives you a step–by–step roadmap to jumpstart your career!

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The .NET Curriculum Works

The Same Start-To-Finish Training Trusted By Microsoft, HP, Boeing, FedEx…
And Developers Like You For Over Thirteen Years

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Choose LVS When…

Other .NET training programs move too fast…
When you need a game plan to get the exact skills necessary for the job you want…
Or when you could use a little help staying motivated and on track
LearnVisualStudio.NET makes tackling the .NET learning curve manageable

Leave frustrating to follow courses behind

What keeps you from getting the most out of learning from video courses?

Not understanding what’s being taught!

All of the tutorials from LearnVisualStudio.NET have been designed
with the beginner programmer in mind.

You’ll find yourself able to acquire the skills you want faster with a training course that:

  • Laser targets the information you need to know in easy to understand terminology
  • Breaks down the learning into digestible chunks
  • Gives you real world examples and a clear explanation of how to apply them
  • Includes Q&A with the guy actually teaching the course

Get a clear roadmap to success so
you can achieve your goals

One of the challenges for beginners is figuring out exactly what skills you need and the order you need to learn them in. The LearnVisualStudio.NET Curriculum has been designed to do just that.

The curriculum will help you navigate the over 150 hours of video tutorials so that you can:

  • Land your first software development job
  • Build a serious web application
  • Refresh skills that have gotten rusty

Stay motivated by sharing
your accomplishments &
tracking your achievements

Because self-directed learning means being self-motivated, just watching screencasts may not be enough to keep you moving forward.

That’s why every LearnVisualStudio.NET member has access to the Managed Learning System.

With quizzes and challenges, you can earn points that go toward your ranking within the community. Share your accomplishments with the world from your own page within LearnVisualStudio.NET or simply have fun challenging yourself.

It’s entirely up to you.

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