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Warming over my C# skills, and @bobtabor has got to be one of the best trainers out there :)

@bobtabor Thank you for LearnVisualStudio.NET. I am an old VB guy changing to C#. Your C# thru ASP videos are amazing! Money WELL spent.

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I’m hard at work at building out the 2015-2016 curriculum that will give you an all encompassing guide to the skills you will need to get your first software development job building Web apps.

Or, perhaps your aim is to build your first .NET web application of consequence.

These courses will help you get there as fast as possible. Video by video.

Over 150 hours of videos will help you master the fundamentals of C#, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, Application Architecture, LINQ, Entity Framework, Unit Testing and more.

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Keeping You Moving Forward

Screencasts are awesome. However, I believe a more blended approach will get you where you want to be quicker than simply watching screencasts and not interacting with the content.

One of the biggest challenges with self-directed learning is staying motivated. All LearnVisualStudio.NET memberships include quizzes, progression tracking, achievements, points and rank to help keep you on track for your first developer job or promotion.

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