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@bobtabor Hi, I just wanted to say your
C# Visual Studio tutorials are amazing 🙂
Thank you so much #indiegame #indiedev

September 19 2014

Q: Lifetime subscription? Is this a joke?

A: Nope. To be clear, lifetime means the life of our site. We started in February, 2002 and have enjoyed a good deal of success thanks to strong word-of-mouth advertising. If the day comes where the end is near, there will be plenty of advanced warning. At this point in time, there is no end in sight and there is a lot of new technology on its way from Microsoft, so stay tuned!

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A: A subscription entitles you to access our members-only area where you can immediately watch the full versions of all current video tutorial lessons. Lifetime members will also learn how to access the secured download links to all current and retired video tutorial files. In many cases, the videos will have accompanying source code as demonstrated in the video. In addition to the videos there are several workbooks, cheat-sheets and more. Lifetime subscribers also receive access to our exclusive “Ask The Instructor” Q & A feature allowing them to clarify concepts discussed in the video.

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A: You will only be charged once. We do not automatically charge your credit card / PayPal account subsequent times. IF you want to renew your subscription you must be pro-active and re-subscribe manually. Personally, we’re annoyed by websites and other services where you forget and wind up paying hundreds of dollars for something you never use.

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A: Please contact us with your refund request.

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