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C# Fundamentals via ASP.NET Web Applications Course

30 Hours of Video Instruction
+ Coding Challenges + Cheat Sheets + Quizzes + Achievement Badges

Our flagship course will teach you the fundamentals of the C# programming language and the .NET Framework. Instead of building boring black and white text-only Console Window applications, Bob teaches you C# in the context of building ASP.NET applications. You will learn just enough ASP.NET to build applications that will allow you to see practical uses for C# as a web developer. By the end of this series, you will know enough to build simple ASP.NET applications that can dynamically change based on user input. This is the first “core” course in the LearnVisualStudio.NET 2015-2016 Curriculum. Learn More …





ASP.NET MVC 5 Fundamentals

8 Hours of Video Instruction

This comprehensive video series will help you get up to speed quickly with ASP.NET MVC Version 5.x. The aim is to help you understand every important feature of the MVC framework; the philosophy behind the framework, conventions, Visual Studio tooling and scaffolding, helper classes utilized in Views and Controllers, Razor syntax, attributes, validation, routing, areas, internals, filters, architecting ASP.NET MVC applications and more. Learn more …



Core C# Fundamentals

22 Hours, 30 Minutes

Start here and quickly go beyond the fundamentals! This series provides the aspiring C# developer a comprehensive experience with the language and concepts associated with the .NET Framework.

By watching 22 hours of fun, personalized video lectures and the associated homework each day, you will have a firm grasp on the basics of both C# and creating SQL Server databases. The creative hands on exercises re-enforce the lessons learned each day.

Each day builds on the topics learned previously and will take someone with no programming knowledge at all to the point where they can build simple applications utilizing Object Oriented Programming principles with inheritance and polymorphism, understand a simple UML Class Diagram and implement that design in code, build normalized relational databases, and use T-SQL to query and update the data. Learn More …



The Experienced Beginner’s Guide to Visual Studio

2 Hours

In this series, Bob Tabor gives an overview of Visual Studio’s most important features in a manner that experienced developers, who are coming to Visual Studio from other development platforms, would appreciate. In two hours, learn just about everything you’ll need to know about Visual Studio to begin harnessing all of its power in your next project.



HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

8 Hours

This series will teach you the fundamentals of HTML5 & CSS3 programming. Watch to learn concepts about web pages, CSS3 styles and HTML5 features. We’ll walk you through getting the web principals, writing code and much more!



JavaScript and jQuery Fundamentals

8 Hours

Learn the fundamentals of Javascript programming. We’ll cover concepts applicable to web based video games, enhanced user interfaces, and dynamic web pages. We’ll walk you through getting the tools, writing code, and much more! Each concept is broken into its own video so you can search for and focus on the information you need.



Introduction to Unity with C#

21 Hours

Have you ever been curious about learning how to program video games, but assumed it was too difficult? Learning programming by creating video games is not only possible, in many ways it’s ideal. Seeing your abstract code transform into a living world helps solidify programming concepts while providing a fun and interactive way of developing your problem-solving skills. Programming games hasn’t always been this accessible. But now with Unity, Visual Studio and C#, absolute beginners can create and publish any kind of game on virtually any platform and at no cost. This course is designed to take you step-by-step through core C#, Object Oriented, and Unity concepts in a natural, sequenced order. You will be applying the concepts you learn along the way by building a fun 2D action game. Learn more …



Application Architecture Fundamentals

4 Hours, 20 Minutes

In this 4+ hour series Bob talks about architectural decisions that will influence the design and development of your application. He aggregates information from a dozen of the most important books on Software Architecture today to provide a fundamental set of principles, guidelines, patterns and practices you should follow for your next project. The series mainly focuses on the Layered Architectural Pattern as a first steps towards mitigating the effects of change on your software development efforts. He explains vital principles like Separation of Concerns, coupling, cohesion, DRY, YAGNI, dependency injection and much more. This series should help you put all the pieces together to build more robust enterprise scale applications. Learn more …



Applied Architecture – Architecting the Domain Layer

5 Hours, 10 Minutes

In this 5+ hour series Bob applies the lessons learned from the Application Architecture Fundamentals series to a real project. You’ll learn how to apply an agile, object oriented analysis and design process to the requirements then utilize Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Development, dependency injection and other patterns, principles, tools and practices to build an architectural spike to help design a solution for a fictional company’s business problem. Learn more …



Architecting the Persistence Layer with the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns

2 Hours, 10 Minutes

In this 2+ hour series Bob tackles the controversial Repository Pattern as it applies to the Persistence Layer of your layer architecture. You’ll learn of the different implementations of the Pattern, why some nuances are better and some are really anti-patterns and will come to some conclusions on the best course of action for designing your own Persistence layers. Bonus: Also features a 50+ page study guide! Learn more …



Unit Testing Fundamentals

5 Hours

In this series we look at the basics of integrating unit testing into your development process. We begin by talking about the purpose of unit testing, the frameworks available, setting up solutions to contain unit testing projects featuring MSTest and NUnit, demonstrate how to write effective unit tests and demonstrate the use of the Moq framework to mock up software layers outside the scope of your unit tests. Learn more …



Entity Framework Fundamentals

14 Hours, 30 Minutes

In this video series you’ll learn about Data Layer construction and conceptual modeling using Microsoft’s Entity Framework. Through these lessons, you’ll not only get experience in building an Object Relational Mapping, you’ll also be engaged in an architectural discussion of layered application models. A school database is used as our guide in building, querying, and implementing the Entity Framework in WinForms, WPF, ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, and ADO.Net Data Services. Learn more …



LINQ to SQL Fundamentals

5 Hours, 20 Minutes

In this series of videos we’ll look at LINQ to SQL, covering the basic workflow, the Data Context and the Object Relational Designer. We’ll demonstrate how to install and use the LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer, learn how and when LINQ to SQL queries are executed and look at the syntaxes for Insert, Updates and Deletes. Later in the series we’ll look at the anatomy of the Entity Classes in the Data Context as well as the anatomy of the XML mapping file, how to set Properties of Entity Class Members, how to call Stored Procedures, Anatomy of the XML Mapping File and tips for using LINQ to SQL as your Data Access Layer. Finally, we’ll look at the DataLoadOptions object, how to hook Data Context Events using Partial Methods, enabling Inheritance in the Object Relational Designer and finally creating Relationships between disparate Data Sources. Learn more …



ASP.NET Web Forms Server Controls

1 Hour, 30 Minutes

This series offers a post-beginner in-depth look at several of the important server controls contained in ASP.NET Web Forms. Mastering the server controls will spark new creative ideas and save you from re-inventing the wheel trying to re-do existing functionality that you might not even be aware of. Learn more …



Silverlight Fundamentals

8 Hours

This video series will help beginner Silverlight developers understand what Silverlight is, and when to use it. We’ll start with the basics and work our way up, helping you develop a complete understanding of Silverlight 4 and how it’s used to create visually stimulating, interactive applications. Learn more …



Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals

2 Hours, 15 Minutes

This introduction to the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) explains the basic concepts, tools and techniques required to build and distribute Rich Interactive Applications using Expression Blend, Expression Design and Visual Studio along with the WPF API. Learn more …



Windows Forms Controls Series

6 Hours, 50 Minutes

Features a series of short demonstrations highlighting some of the most obscure (yet very cool) controls available for Windows Forms applications. Learn more …



Retired Videos

In addition to our current / supported courses, we have — literally — hundreds of videos that have served a long, productive life training tens-of-thousands of developers. We have a soft spot in our heart for them, so we pay them a handsome pension and help them move to Sarasota, Florida. However, you can still download and watch them if you like. While not using the most current version of Visual Studio, they are in many cases very helpful for reference.



To think I actually built this app is just amazing! Thumbs up to @bobtabor

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