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C# Fundamentals Course

This series contains over 8 hours of C# training across 24 individual videos. We begin with the basics of the C# language and quickly progress to Object Oriented Programming, exception handling, generics, lambdas and LINQ. I’ve had so much positive feedback on this series by people who are coming from other programming languages as well as those just getting started. Watch now!

HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals

HTML5 and CSS3 is all the buzz nowadays, but I wanted to focus on the rationale behind HTML5 — semantics. So, this series is probably one of the more “technical” available today … it doesn’t focus on aesthetics much, rather I chose to explore the semantic meaning of the various HTML5 elements. I also talk about the new form elements, Responsive and Mobile first design, and introduce the student to CSS3 frameworks like Twitter’s Bootstrap. Watch now!

JavaScript and jQuery Fundamentals

JavaScript is a tricky language for C# developers. The syntax looks the same, but it’s a much more pliable language and has idioms that are not familiar to C# developers. In an effort to prepare developers to create Windows Store apps, they asked me to build this core series to explain the basics of JavaScript and jQuery. We quickly go beyond the basics and demonstrate closures, JSON, AJAX and the jQuery UI Library. Watch now!

Visual Basic Fundamentals

Another 8 hour series comprised of 25 videos. For the sake of completeness, I was asked to create this series on Visual Basic. I am no longer a Visual Basic developer, nor do I want to be. However, there are still people convinced that it is an easier language to pick up than C#. I built this series to begin with the language basics and quickly progress to Object Oriented Programming, exception handling, generics, lambdas and LINQ. Watch now!

Windows App Store with C# Fundamentals Course

I was part of the Windows 8 Launch! 7+ hours of videos across 34 lessons, I demonstrated how to use the Grid App template to create a Windows Store app based on the Contoso Cookbook Hands On Labs. Along the way, I explained how XAML works and its main features, how data binding works in XAML, new Visual Studio designer support for Windows Store apps, working with WinRT, contracts, integration with the Windows Store API and a lot more. Watch now!

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