IBuySpy Portal Series

IBuySpy (as it was originally called … it was afterwards known as the Portal Starter Kit) provides a free portal that can be customized and utilized within your organization. This video series walks you through this powerful tool and shows how to customize it to suit your needs.

This ship has sailed …

This webpage describes a single series/course, each course containing many screencast videos. HOWEVER …

This series/course has been removed from our collection, probably because we have updated it with a newer version.

Read why I decided to keep old pages like this around. Or better yet, visit the home page … its the best place to get started.

Videos in this series:

  1. Understanding the IBuySpy Portal

    Explains the major concepts of the IBuySpy Portal

  2. Downloading and Installing the IBuySpy Portal

    Demonstrates how to download and install the IBuySpy Portal

  3. Using the IBuySpy Portal

    This video demonstrates how to setup and run the IBuySpy portal for the first time locally, with a thorough demonstration of overcoming the hurdles you may encounter. Additionally, walks through the use of the entire application.

  4. IBuySpy Internals

    This video explores the file structure, the important files, the database schema, how authentication works, and other topics related to IBuySpy Portal

  5. Creating an IBuySpy User Control

    Demonstrates how to create a simple User Control for use in IBuySpy.

  6. Creating Edit Pages for IBuySpy User Controls

    Picks up where the previous video (5005) leaves off and shows how to create an Edit Page that allows you to manage the email message that gets sent from the Tell A Friend user control.

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