Web Service Enhancements 2.0

This series explores the WSE 2.0 add-in for Visual Studio.NET and the .NET Framework. The WSE 2.0 is Microsoft’s .NET implementation of the WS- standards that seek to standardize a platform for web services to allow for greater security, reliability and policy establishment and enforcement.

This ship has sailed …

This webpage describes a single series/course, each course containing many screencast videos. HOWEVER …

This series/course has been removed from our collection, probably because we have updated it with a newer version.

Read why I decided to keep old pages like this around. Or better yet, visit the home page … its the best place to get started.

Videos in this series:

  1. Introduction to Web Service Enhancements 2.0

    This video lecture begins by explaining the basic goals of WSE 2.0, including security, reliability, messaging, routing, attachments and diagnostics, reviews where emerging standards fit into an overall Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and finishes by demonstrating where to download and how to install.

  2. Using Web Service Enhancements 2.0 to add Basic Security and Diagnostics

    This video demonstrates WSE 2.0 in action by demonstrating the VS.NET 2003 integration of the WSE 2.0 configuration tool, creating UsernameTokens, updating proxy classes, and enabling diagnostics.

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